One week in London for an aspiring immigrant

One week in London for an aspiring immigrant

– aka that time I travelled to the UK and decided to stay.

All my friends ask me how I did it. I’ve always been that kind of girl that does crazy things, but something like moving to another country? Not at all. I travelled a lot, that’s true, but always in safety and comfort without taking a risk. So, probably people that knew me started to think: “how the hell did a girl like her do something like that?”

Many others are just tired of their routines and want a big change to shock their lives and see what they are capable of.

So… I decided to share my experience in the shape of a “to do list” for anyone that would like to make the same experience, step by step.

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Quick Trip: 12 hours in Vienna

Quick Trip: 12 hours in Vienna

If you’re one of those super organized people always planning at least one month in advance your moves when it comes to travels, then you’ll probably find this post a bit stupid and you’ll end up thinking: “well girl, if only you scheduled this before going in there…”

But that’s not how I roll! I’m a crazy adventurer and when you have a full time job, sometimes travelling means choosing a close destination and having no time to lose.

So pack your things, wildlings! We’re going on a super fast trip in Vienna, capital of Austria, in the heart of Europe.


Prices      ★★☆☆☆
Food         ★★★★☆
Art            ★★★★★
Nature   ★★★★☆


  • Phone charger
  • Small umbrella
  • My lipstick
  • My wallet
  • A Tangle Angel hairbrush
  • Orange juice
  • A chocolate bar
  • A ham & cheese sandwich

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, a country with an interesting long story made of royals, wars, love, music and much more.
Home of the sweet empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, aka “Princess Sissi” and artists like Mozart and Beethoven (they were all born in other cities, but spent definetely some important time in here), Vienna is a beautiful city and probably 12 hours are not enough to enjoy the place.

Let’s be real: prices are a bit high. If you don’t know specific low cost places and don’t want to eat in a fast food, you’ll probably end up spending around 12 € for a Wiener Schnitzel, drinks not included.

Museums are also pricey, but hey don’t get discouraged! You can still do a lot of nice things in Vienna.

  • Take the tram – See the beautiful architecture, wander around the city and take a lot of pictures. The city offers a lot of wonderful, classy, elegant locations and glamourous lights at night, especially in the city centre.
  • Try some street food  Sausages, maroni, bratkartoffeln, leberkäse. Fill your stomach sometimes while walking around the city. It’s not as fancy as sitting in a classy Viennese restaurant, but hey you only have 12 hours to enjoy the city!
  • Climb the 343 steps in the Südturm next to the city centre. It only costs 4,50 € and the view it’s not gonna disappoint you.
  • Visit churches – okay, this one is kinda personal because I really love visiting churches, but churches in Vienna are magical.
  • Go to the museum – I know what I said about museums, but some of them, like the MUSA or the Kunsthalle am Karlsplatz are 100% free. Get in!
  • Walk in the Schönbrunn garden. The castle is perfectly conserved and once upon a time only the royal family was allowed to have a delightful walk in the gardens. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

Didn’t I mention you absolutely need to walk next to the Danube when the sun goes down? Better if holding hands with your loved one(s) or a hot cup of pumpkin spice latte by Starbucks. 😉


I really enjoyed Vienna! Everyone is so kind, and I didn’t have any problem in communication even though my german is very poor. Almost everyone speaks a pretty good english (or at least the basics for prices and food related things) and some can understand some Italian (we’re neighbours, after all!).

Sadly, I think 50€ for a 20 mins long cab ride or 20€ for a museum are way too much, but hey if you travel across Europe skipping Wien, are you even trying to see our beautiful continent?

See you next time with my next destination!


Siberia ♡