2017 has been an incredible year for fashion, keeping a lot of elements from 2015 and 2016: we followed this 90’s and 80’s revival with enthusiasm, happy to swim into the waters of grunge, retrowave and many other nostalgic influences.
But to get back what’s old, you have to throw something new in it… Feeling brave to try something new?
Keep on reading to find your inspiration in this “10 unconventional millennial trends” list!

    FKA Twigs by David Burton


    Some people is still fighting about this hairstyle: someone claims it belongs to the Great Gatsby’s era, the 1920’s, someone else calls it cultural appropriation and says that the hairstyle doesn’t have anything to do with runways and privileged lifestyles.
    But what are kiss curls?
    Okay, I can’t speak for myself because I don’t have baby hair, but that’s exactly what kiss curls are: baby hair gelled against your face, basically. If there’s a cultural meaning behind this style, I personally don’t know it – but if someone would kindly explain it to me, I’d be more than happy to hear about it!


    1491927295-feather-brows Image by Google.

    We survived the tragic age of super-thin eyebrows, finally putting down our tweezers and we’re now embracing our bushy brows – and we probably have to thank Cara Delevingne for that – but what happens next?
    Well, if you have soft, thick brows you can now divide them and gel them in the shape of a feather.
    do have mixed feelings about this look. I’m pretty sure that it would look horrible on my natural round-shaped eyebrows, but it still looks amazing on Instagram beauties. And on the lady above, of course.

    poxpr9m0ow9Image by Google.

    This is one of my favorite looks. I’m not brave enough to try it, but I love it. Actually, I’m not that confident when it comes to eyebrows: I tend to hide them behind my fringe, even if I pay to thread them regularly.
    Well, if I was as beautiful as MLMA (who’s the pioneer of wavy eyebrows, in case you didn’t know) I’d probably steal her edgy look too. Anyway, from the freaky Instagram corner of fashion, the trend has spread everywhere and Instagram Make Up Gurus tried it and compared it to another popular eyebrow trend, aka our number 4.

    Image by Google.

    Okay, maybe 2017’s fashion is a little bit too much focused on eyebrows. And yes, looks like braided brows are a thing, at least on the internet; because yes, this look cannot be recreated in real life, as you can probably imagine. Unless you do have awfully long eyebrows… Otherwise, for your creative selfies, you have two options: make up, or photoshop. You decide!

    bc5ljrwi0fc-png__700Image by Google.

    Okay, yes, this one is just wow. It leaves me breathless to think how wonderful this lady looks, while she walks down the street and her holo mane shines under the sun. I guess that when she’s in a crowded room everyone just stares at her.
    I actually tried to dye my hair grey this summer, after going through a blonde/blue phase. I failed. And I’m never going to bleach my poor hair again (I completely destroyed it and had to cut them above my shoulder after 3 years without getting them short… I almost cried).

    landscape-1459346164-flower-eyeliner-instagramImage by Google.

    Tired of the Just Wing It look? Then try to improve your artsy skills. Because yes, the next big thing is floral eyeliner, but I guess that you must be very talented in drawing still life, or you must have a skilled make up artist doing it for you.

    shutterstock_523599172Image by Google.

    It’s a throwback, yay! It looks unblended, it’s full dark, it looks gross. Nah, just kidding, it’s amazing (goth fan here)!

    maxresdefaultImage by Google.

    Imagine you’re wearing your favorite lipstick, a non-waterproof one, and then imagine feasting on some fat, oily food.
    The messy result has now a name, which is “Lollipop Lips” and… Yes, it’s trending online (especially in Korea, China and Japan).
    You can recreate it by literally spreading your lipstick out of the edges of your lips, and covering everything with a transparent lipgloss. Voilà! Lollipop lips.


    maxresdefault1Image by Google.

    Wonderful? Absolutely. Easy? Ehh… Not really, but with some help and a little bit of patience you can achieve this result. There are many variants you can choose: lateral, two corsets, three corsets… It also depends by many factors, but it’s indeed a creative idea for a party, a special event and, if you’re brave enough, it could also be a wedding look!


    masterImage by Google.

    Well, now go and call the closest nail salon. Looks like furry nails are now a thing, somewhere in the world… Not at my place, but still.
    For me, it’s a big NO! Please, leave nails in peace. Let them be matte or shiny, but not furry. Please. Just no. We just survived an era of gel nails as thick as bricks… Now that we learned to make them truly beautiful, why should we cover them in fur? Heck, no!

    Wondering what the next big thing in fashion is? Stay tuned for a 2018  upcoming trends post!

    Siberia ♡