Dear Brenda,

It’s me! Brenda. I’m writing you this letter from the future, in 2017.
Yes, we do have touchscreen and so many things you used to dream of. And yes, faux leather leggings were a thing, for a while. Still nothing new about flying cars and identity microchips in our wrists, but anyway…

This is a wonderful time of your life. I know sometimes you think about how bad your classmates are at you, but that’s only because your personality is unique and special. People tend to dislike what they can’t understand; and they can’t understand why your fantasy works so much better than their, even if you’re all children of the same age. You will create amazing stories in the future: you will have to work hard on it or you will lose amazing opportunities, but your creativity is a precious skill and don’t feel judged for letting it drive your actions sometimes.

I’m happy that you already love and understand a masterpiece like “The Lord of The Rings”. Keep on reading those books, it will take you places my dear. Don’t give up, keep your head up. I know you’re afraid of playing with all the other children, especially during the p.e. classes.

You think they will all become professional athletes? Well, you’re wrong. Do you remember that time you fell down in front of everyone just when you felt so confident? You were running so fast in front of everyone! You were sure you were going to finally win the golden medal. And? You fell in front of everyone. You were sure everyone was laughing of you. You could only hear the blood pumping nervously in your ears. And of course, the defeat wasn’t the only bitter thing you tasted that day.

Forget that!

Just run again, and again, and again. Don’t cry in front of everyone, if they laugh at someone falling down in life, well probably that’s because it never happened to them. But guess what? It’s only through mistakes that we learn…
You fell down because you pushed yourself to the limit. You didn’t play it clean. You wanted more than just running, you wanted to win, you wanted to go faster than the others. Brenda, easy come easy go; winning a medal without putting any effort in the run, without falling on the floor, without rolling and spitting blood and dust in front of all that people, that wouldn’t be a victory – but just a gift.

And what about videogames? You absolutely love videogames.
Keep on loving them. And keep on loving cinema. Keep on loving singing and acting, keep on working on your poses. Work hard and study, plan your future, talk about your dreams with your family, ask for help to build your future career. Ask to your aunt for singing lessons, ask for dancing lessons. Don’t skip classes, don’t feel insecure, keep on trying and trying until you reach your goals. Talk with your teachers, because they will be your friends, not enemies.

Next year, you’ll be in middle school. Those three years will be extremely hard, but also they will make you grow up and give you a lot of amazing opportunities. It will be a life changing experience. You will visit Germany, you will take IT lessons, you will have your first love experiences.
You will think you are ugly and no one will ever love you; trust me, you’re gonna be so so so wrong. But don’t focus on love: you will find the right person for you, one day. You will have to focus on your studies.

Also, since I come from the future, I should give to our family some lottery number and why not? Some advice. But maybe it’s better if I write these advices in another letter, for a little bit older you… 😉

And don’t forget, I absolutely love you. I love you so much. Your aunt loves you a lot. Your uncle loves you a lot.

About him, I don’t want to scare you but I have to tell you that you don’t have much time to spend with him. Take care of him now, enjoy every single moment you two share: from the bike rides in the park together, to the long walks next to the lake, the “crab” game, the horror movies you watch together. In 3 years or so, he will slowly begin to forget things.

It will start with little things, like “did I already said that?” or “did we already have lunch?”, and in other 3 years he will start to forget the important things. Like our name. Our face.

There’s nothing you can do about it, just remember: don’t be scared, help him when he needs to remember, stay strong.

A lot of strange things will happen next year: social workers, your mother re-appearing in your life, etc. Don’t be scared, but neither let anyone try to fool you. You’re clever enough to imagine what can happen. Don’t hate on your parents, or at least try to, but please don’t forget who gave everything for you during all these years. The truth is, if you do everything in the right way, you will not have to do anything about your family situation in the upcoming years. Some bad things can’t really be avoided, but you can always try and get prepared for them. It’s gonna be a challenging era in your brief, bright life, but I’m 100% sure that you’ll get through it even braver than before. I’m not gonna say that this will happen without wounds, but wounds become scars. This makes us stronger, more cunning, more clever.

Don’t feel sad, but thrilled! There will be so many amazing things in your life! I want you to keep on being the smiling, crazy and loud child that you are. I want you to keep on being Aurora’s friend, because after all these years (I’m 24 now!) we’re still in touch, and she’s still an amazing person. And Virma will come back in your life after some years but hey… No spoilers! Just be yourself. Remember, be kind and never give up.


Love you to bits,