Like it or not, taking “selfies” has become a true competition. There are plenty of apps you can use to take the best selfie of your life, and every new smartphone now focuses on its inner camera like no phone ever did before.

Taking a selfie it’s not only a way to show yourself: it can say a lot about you.

My coworkers were kinda amazed by the way I take beautiful selfies without having a super pro reflex camera, photoshop, lightroom and more.
I just snap, go through some apps, and the selfie is online. Wanna know how and what are my favorite apps?

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Dear Brenda,

It’s me! Brenda. I’m writing you this letter from the future, in 2017.
Yes, we do have touchscreen and so many things you used to dream of. And yes, faux leather leggings were a thing, for a while. Still nothing new about flying cars and identity microchips in our wrists, but anyway…

This is a wonderful time of your life. I know sometimes you think about how bad your classmates are at you, but that’s only because your personality is unique and special. People tend to dislike what they can’t understand; and they can’t understand why your fantasy works so much better than their, even if you’re all children of the same age. You will create amazing stories in the future: you will have to work hard on it or you will lose amazing opportunities, but your creativity is a precious skill and don’t feel judged for letting it drive your actions sometimes.

I’m happy that you already love and understand a masterpiece like “The Lord of The Rings”. Keep on reading those books, it will take you places my dear. Don’t give up, keep your head up. I know you’re afraid of playing with all the other children, especially during the p.e. classes.

You think they will all become professional athletes? Well, you’re wrong. Do you remember that time you fell down in front of everyone just when you felt so confident? You were running so fast in front of everyone! You were sure you were going to finally win the golden medal. And? You fell in front of everyone. You were sure everyone was laughing of you. You could only hear the blood pumping nervously in your ears. And of course, the defeat wasn’t the only bitter thing you tasted that day.

Forget that!

Just run again, and again, and again. Don’t cry in front of everyone, if they laugh at someone falling down in life, well probably that’s because it never happened to them. But guess what? It’s only through mistakes that we learn…
You fell down because you pushed yourself to the limit. You didn’t play it clean. You wanted more than just running, you wanted to win, you wanted to go faster than the others. Brenda, easy come easy go; winning a medal without putting any effort in the run, without falling on the floor, without rolling and spitting blood and dust in front of all that people, that wouldn’t be a victory – but just a gift.

And what about videogames? You absolutely love videogames.
Keep on loving them. And keep on loving cinema. Keep on loving singing and acting, keep on working on your poses. Work hard and study, plan your future, talk about your dreams with your family, ask for help to build your future career. Ask to your aunt for singing lessons, ask for dancing lessons. Don’t skip classes, don’t feel insecure, keep on trying and trying until you reach your goals. Talk with your teachers, because they will be your friends, not enemies.

Next year, you’ll be in middle school. Those three years will be extremely hard, but also they will make you grow up and give you a lot of amazing opportunities. It will be a life changing experience. You will visit Germany, you will take IT lessons, you will have your first love experiences.
You will think you are ugly and no one will ever love you; trust me, you’re gonna be so so so wrong. But don’t focus on love: you will find the right person for you, one day. You will have to focus on your studies.

Also, since I come from the future, I should give to our family some lottery number and why not? Some advice. But maybe it’s better if I write these advices in another letter, for a little bit older you… 😉

And don’t forget, I absolutely love you. I love you so much. Your aunt loves you a lot. Your uncle loves you a lot.

About him, I don’t want to scare you but I have to tell you that you don’t have much time to spend with him. Take care of him now, enjoy every single moment you two share: from the bike rides in the park together, to the long walks next to the lake, the “crab” game, the horror movies you watch together. In 3 years or so, he will slowly begin to forget things.

It will start with little things, like “did I already said that?” or “did we already have lunch?”, and in other 3 years he will start to forget the important things. Like our name. Our face.

There’s nothing you can do about it, just remember: don’t be scared, help him when he needs to remember, stay strong.

A lot of strange things will happen next year: social workers, your mother re-appearing in your life, etc. Don’t be scared, but neither let anyone try to fool you. You’re clever enough to imagine what can happen. Don’t hate on your parents, or at least try to, but please don’t forget who gave everything for you during all these years. The truth is, if you do everything in the right way, you will not have to do anything about your family situation in the upcoming years. Some bad things can’t really be avoided, but you can always try and get prepared for them. It’s gonna be a challenging era in your brief, bright life, but I’m 100% sure that you’ll get through it even braver than before. I’m not gonna say that this will happen without wounds, but wounds become scars. This makes us stronger, more cunning, more clever.

Don’t feel sad, but thrilled! There will be so many amazing things in your life! I want you to keep on being the smiling, crazy and loud child that you are. I want you to keep on being Aurora’s friend, because after all these years (I’m 24 now!) we’re still in touch, and she’s still an amazing person. And Virma will come back in your life after some years but hey… No spoilers! Just be yourself. Remember, be kind and never give up.


Love you to bits,


How to ace a job interview

How to ace a job interview

I recently helped a friend to survive her first job interview: I clearly remember how scared she was. Her family put a lot of pressure on her, trying to make her feel motivated (and obviously, it didn’t work). She also felt kinda “threatened” by her younger sister – which already had a full CV, a nice job, and was already studying for her driving license.

In other words: I was working with a person with no self esteem, who pretended to call the numbers on the job offers section of newspapers just to let her mother know that “she was doing something, but no company ever called her back”. That’s it. Nothing more. Her mother believed these lies for over a year, until she realised that grounding a 21 years old girl was useless, and she called me in tears asking for some help.

Let’s make it clear: no one is gonna hire you with that attitude. Also, if you don’t send your CV’s literally everywhere, how can a company even know that you exist?

This girl has now a part time job that satisfies her needs and gives her some responsability, which is a good start. She also moved to another city to do that (and to get away from the imaginary competition between her and her sister, but that’s another story)! She fixed her CV thanks to her step mother. I sent mine to my friend to take some inspiration from it, and they created a whole new customized resume for her!

I thought that this experience helped both of us. So I think it might be a good idea to write down a post on my blog for everyone else struggling in finding some advice about job interviews. Remember that these are general “rules” and that depending on the job position you apply for and the country you live in, some changes may occur.

Get ready to print your curriculum vitae. And when they call you back, just a few friendly reminders…

  1. FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING – and it starts from the phone call or email. When a company calls you for a job interview, remember to sound already active, happy and confident. Be immediately available for them when they ask you to come over for a proper interview. Say thank you, be polite.
  2. YOUR LOOK IS YOUR BUSINESS CARD – you think a shower is enough? Not at all! Shave your face. If you wear a long beard, groom it and trim it. If you’re a woman, wear some basic make up. In any case, moisturize your skin, dress smart, don’t look baggy or provocative. Look good, smell good. Clean your glasses, wash your hair and teeth! (You should do this one everyday, job interview or not, but specifying never hurts…)
  3. SHAKING HANDS CAN SAY A LOT – okay, you probably heard this too many times. But it’s true. Work on your hand shake. Let it transmit your energy.
  4. SMILE – also a classic. There are a few tricks that make people feel comfortable around a stranger, and one of these is as simple as it seems: place a nice smile here and there, especially when your shaking hands and making eye contact with your future boss. Of course, if he/she’s talking about something bad like the awful accident that your predecessor had, do not smile… 😛
  5. LOOK CONFIDENT, BUT BE YOURSELF – you want to look efficient and ready for the position, but nobody likes a “I-know-everything” kind of person. You don’t understand something? Ask away, before the interview ends. Asking a few appropriate questions will aslo show that your interest in working with this company is genuine.
    When asked to talk about yourself, make yourself appear interesting – but be honest. You’re gonna spend a lot of time with this people, the truth will eventually come out. Got any special skills, like a very good knowledge of computers, or speaking two languages? Point it out. Saying something like “I am used to teamwork” and “I’m a quick learner” are also good choices.

About money. I didn’t put this in the list because on this point there is a little controversy. I am perfectly comfortable in talking about money, but many others do not think in the same way.
I never bumped into actual problems when asking about my salary, but I noticed that some people tend to dislike this question (maybe they think it will make you look greedy), while some other told me about my $ per hour spontaneously. I literally didn’t even have to ask.

I will leave this to you, maybe you can just wait and when talking about working hours per week you can ask, if your employer didn’t already mention anything about it.

Now you’re ready! You can practice your charming charisma with your partner, your friends and family, and even on your own – you just need a mirror!  😀

Don’t expect every job interview to be identical to the previous one.
Every employer has different ways to interact, but don’t panic! Remember that if someone is willing to hire, it’s because they need help (as much as you need a job!), so don’t feel like you’re asking for a favor – it’s mutual!
Also, don’t feel bad if your first interviews are not successful. One of my best friends has been ignored for over two years from a company, and after sending them his resume multiple times not only he finally got hired! It also opened him a door leading to bigger opportunities – he travelled the world, lives in New Zealand and you can spot his name in the credits at the end of movies like Valerian or videogames like Until Dawn.

Never give up!


Siberia ♡

Quick Trip: 12 hours in Vienna

Quick Trip: 12 hours in Vienna

If you’re one of those super organized people always planning at least one month in advance your moves when it comes to travels, then you’ll probably find this post a bit stupid and you’ll end up thinking: “well girl, if only you scheduled this before going in there…”

But that’s not how I roll! I’m a crazy adventurer and when you have a full time job, sometimes travelling means choosing a close destination and having no time to lose.

So pack your things, wildlings! We’re going on a super fast trip in Vienna, capital of Austria, in the heart of Europe.


Prices      ★★☆☆☆
Food         ★★★★☆
Art            ★★★★★
Nature   ★★★★☆


  • Phone charger
  • Small umbrella
  • My lipstick
  • My wallet
  • A Tangle Angel hairbrush
  • Orange juice
  • A chocolate bar
  • A ham & cheese sandwich

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, a country with an interesting long story made of royals, wars, love, music and much more.
Home of the sweet empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, aka “Princess Sissi” and artists like Mozart and Beethoven (they were all born in other cities, but spent definetely some important time in here), Vienna is a beautiful city and probably 12 hours are not enough to enjoy the place.

Let’s be real: prices are a bit high. If you don’t know specific low cost places and don’t want to eat in a fast food, you’ll probably end up spending around 12 € for a Wiener Schnitzel, drinks not included.

Museums are also pricey, but hey don’t get discouraged! You can still do a lot of nice things in Vienna.

  • Take the tram – See the beautiful architecture, wander around the city and take a lot of pictures. The city offers a lot of wonderful, classy, elegant locations and glamourous lights at night, especially in the city centre.
  • Try some street food  Sausages, maroni, bratkartoffeln, leberkäse. Fill your stomach sometimes while walking around the city. It’s not as fancy as sitting in a classy Viennese restaurant, but hey you only have 12 hours to enjoy the city!
  • Climb the 343 steps in the Südturm next to the city centre. It only costs 4,50 € and the view it’s not gonna disappoint you.
  • Visit churches – okay, this one is kinda personal because I really love visiting churches, but churches in Vienna are magical.
  • Go to the museum – I know what I said about museums, but some of them, like the MUSA or the Kunsthalle am Karlsplatz are 100% free. Get in!
  • Walk in the Schönbrunn garden. The castle is perfectly conserved and once upon a time only the royal family was allowed to have a delightful walk in the gardens. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

Didn’t I mention you absolutely need to walk next to the Danube when the sun goes down? Better if holding hands with your loved one(s) or a hot cup of pumpkin spice latte by Starbucks. 😉


I really enjoyed Vienna! Everyone is so kind, and I didn’t have any problem in communication even though my german is very poor. Almost everyone speaks a pretty good english (or at least the basics for prices and food related things) and some can understand some Italian (we’re neighbours, after all!).

Sadly, I think 50€ for a 20 mins long cab ride or 20€ for a museum are way too much, but hey if you travel across Europe skipping Wien, are you even trying to see our beautiful continent?

See you next time with my next destination!


Siberia ♡