Hello everyone!
You probably didn’t know this, but I’m a major cinephile! I love sitting in a cinema holding a big warm basket of popcorns, surrounded by the smell of sugar and melted butter, drinking iced tea while immersing myself in a new adventure on the big screen.

I go to the cinema a lot, and I also spend a lot of time on Netflix with my friends and probably spend too much of my money in blue ray discs (and dvds back in the days)…
But anyway! I thought about this post quite a lot.
What is the point in having a blog, if I don’t post about my passions? So I decided to write a TOP 10 list of my favorite movies of all time.

As soon as I started writing down the first draft, I realized it wouldn’t be possible for me to choose only ten films without leaving out of the list too many pearls. So here we go with the first slot of movies that I love: I’ll start with the ONE MAN ARMY category.

-WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “ONE MAN ARMY”? It’s as simple as it sounds. All the films listed below feature a main male character, usually with a dramatic background, single by choice or widowers. Some of them are ex soldiers, spies, secret agents or serve/served in the special forces; they’re usually cold, overpowered and somehow terribly attractive. Some of them may end up in brief romances or sexual encounters with dangerous women or damsels in distress, but most of the times they refuse all these gorgeous ladies, faithful to an impossible relationship or a dead/kidnapped wife or girlfriend. They can face multiple enemies at the same time with only one gun, and have insane melee combat skills.

If you’re in the mood for great action sequences and don’t know what to watch, grab a soda and some treates babe! Here’s my TOP 10 “ONE MAN ARMY” MOVIES.

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