On the trail of explorers from the past…

Hey guys! Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I have to say I’ve been quite busy (and lazy) lately.
So first of all, yes! I moved back to London, finally! And it feels so good. I really missed this place. So, after settling down (and spending all my savings in furnitures for my new place, damn) and getting used to my new job, I finally found some time to go back to explore the city and its wonders. And of course… I needed to write a blog post about it!

So, few days ago I took a train on the Piccadilly line and got off at Hammersmith, Zone 2. Nice place, but the bus stop I needed was closed. Bummer.

Me and my friend (whom I forced to join me the night before) had a nice, long walk. Crossed the Thames river on a bridge, and we got to the bus stop.

We took the bus number 209 towards Mortlake Bus Station, got off at the last stop, and walked to St Mary Magdalene’s church yard. Why? To visit Sir Richard Burton’s mausoleum.


Fun fact: this “tombstone” inspired the creators of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie in the early 2000’s to design the mausoleum of Lara’s father.

Anyway, about Richard Francis Burton, there is a lot to say.
He was a British explorer, adventurer at heart, orientalist and translator. Not mentioning he has been also a writer, a soldier, and much more.


  • Could speak 20 more languages
  • Translated the Kamasutra (so every time you guys have fun with the Indian way of Love, thank this guy,)
  • Fled university but became a writer anyway, writing articles about travels, art and cultures while being abroad
  • Became a member of the Royal Geographical Society and also a knight
  • Was the first european to see Lake Tanganyika, in Africa
  • His wife wrote his biography after his death, which occured in Italy, in 1890.
  • Wrote books about sexuality in different places of the world, including details like the length of the locals’ penises and the positions they preferred.

Long story short, this man was a hardcore explorer, breaking barriers between cultures and constantly thirsty for knowledge and thrills. How could I ignore the call for adventure, considering it took me just an hour to reach his amazing tent-shaped mausoleum? If you guys love adventurers and explorers and you come to London, you definetely need to check this place out.

Last but not least: you should take a look to this website if you’re interested in reading some of his works. http://burtoniana.org/ 🙂

Well guys! I’ll leave you with a picture of this handsome maverick, and see you soon with a fresh new blog post!


Siberia ♥



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