Like it or not, taking “selfies” has become a true competition. There are plenty of apps you can use to take the best selfie of your life, and every new smartphone now focuses on its inner camera like no phone ever did before.

Taking a selfie it’s not only a way to show yourself: it can say a lot about you.

My coworkers were kinda amazed by the way I take beautiful selfies without having a super pro reflex camera, photoshop, lightroom and more.
I just snap, go through some apps, and the selfie is online. Wanna know how and what are my favorite apps?


Looking for silly filters? Snapchat sounds cool. But if you’re looking for something that offers both cool filters and not only cute animal faces… Go for Snow (it’s free!).

Not only you can use it as a proper chat (you have to enter your phone number in order to sign up), but you will find amazing filters in there. My favorite?

BLUR filter actually gives you a blurry background leaving your face the only visibile HD thing in the picture, giving to your selfie a more professional look. Obviously it’s not like a skilled photographer took a portait picture of you, but it’s a cheaper version of it. Which isn’t that bad. You can check a BLUR selfie that I took with Snow here. This is the original picture: I just cooled it with the instagram options, no other filter needed. Of course, the biggest part was done by make up and a very good light. Practice until you find your perfect pose, angle, light effect… Whatever makes you happy with your selfie.

SNOW offers you a tool to enlarge your eyes and give you that dolly look. Imho it makes me look like a child alien, so I wouldn’t recommend it but the choice is yours!

Your default inner camera will work perfectly, but most of the times it doesn’t give any justice to you.

But you can always edit your selfies after you snap’em with your default camera.

MEITU is a Chinese app (with english features so you don’t have to study chinese to edit your selfies) that gives you wonderful performances when editing pictures.
You can modify everything: even if it’s not that recommended (since you want to enhance your beauty or conceal a little imperfection but I guess you still want to look like yourself…) you can edit the shape of your eyes, highlight your cheekbones, get a smaller nose, a wider smile, plumper lips, a thinner chin and much more. Everything with a few taps on your screen.

You love to take short videos? Get MEITU’s twin app, MEIPAI.

Finally, if you’re a fan of vintage, you can use VSCO.
VSCO offers you a wide selection of light changes, filters, and even lets you give your pictures a grainy look to mimic the 35mm photography style. This is the ultimate tool to give a final touch to your pictures: definetely give it a try!


And you? What tools do you use to take your perfect #selfie ? Let me know in the comments!


Siberia ♡

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