Hello everyone!
You probably didn’t know this, but I’m a major cinephile! I love sitting in a cinema holding a big warm basket of popcorns, surrounded by the smell of sugar and melted butter, drinking iced tea while immersing myself in a new adventure on the big screen.

I go to the cinema a lot, and I also spend a lot of time on Netflix with my friends and probably spend too much of my money in blue ray discs (and dvds back in the days)…
But anyway! I thought about this post quite a lot.
What is the point in having a blog, if I don’t post about my passions? So I decided to write a TOP 10 list of my favorite movies of all time.

As soon as I started writing down the first draft, I realized it wouldn’t be possible for me to choose only ten films without leaving out of the list too many pearls. So here we go with the first slot of movies that I love: I’ll start with the ONE MAN ARMY category.

-WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “ONE MAN ARMY”? It’s as simple as it sounds. All the films listed below feature a main male character, usually with a dramatic background, single by choice or widowers. Some of them are ex soldiers, spies, secret agents or serve/served in the special forces; they’re usually cold, overpowered and somehow terribly attractive. Some of them may end up in brief romances or sexual encounters with dangerous women or damsels in distress, but most of the times they refuse all these gorgeous ladies, faithful to an impossible relationship or a dead/kidnapped wife or girlfriend. They can face multiple enemies at the same time with only one gun, and have insane melee combat skills.

If you’re in the mood for great action sequences and don’t know what to watch, grab a soda and some treates babe! Here’s my TOP 10 “ONE MAN ARMY” MOVIES.


    Keanu Reeves is John Wick: forget the young cyberpunk hero you remember from “The Matrix”, because this man is even more badass.
    After meeting the woman of his dreams, a caring and lovely person that reaches his heart and accepts all the crimes he committed, John leaves gangland to live happily with her. And everything is going great! Until she eventually gets ill and dies, leaving John in pain. Since she knew she was going to die and leave this ex hitman all alone to face the world, John’s wife buys him a puppy. Literally. And it works, since John sees this lovely beagle puppy as a small piece of the sweet soul of his dead wife. Until the bad guys come during the night to steal his car and… Well, they also kill the puppy (*insert but why.gif here*). John goes berserk, and decides that it’s time to blow the dust off his address book and get back some useful, dangerous friends, in order to complete his revenge. Bonus: one of the bad guys is Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones. 😀
    A young and beautiful James McAvoy plays Wesley Gibson, who lives an endless routine with an unsatisfying job, a boss that humiliates him on a daily basis in front of all his coworkers, a crumbling down house, no money, no family, and a girlfriend that repeatedly cheats on him with his one and only “friend”, Barry, which only thinks about himself and how to lead a woman into his bed. Could it get any worse? Of course, the answer is yes. Wesley unexpectedly meets Angelina Jolie aka “Fox”, a dangerous and beautiful woman, monstrously better than him at… everything. Fox belongs to a sect of assassins that believe in the power of curving bullets, and claim that Wesley’s father was in the sect as well. Now he died, and this poor young man needs to take his place, and possibly avenge him. Even though they’re first approach isn’t one of the bests, they end up developing a great relationship and Wesley becomes her apprentice. But what they don’t know is that there is a big lie behind all the preaching of their leader, Sloan (majestic Morgan Freeman).
    Take a Clive Owen and put him in the role of Smith, hero of the day that sadly this time fails in saving the damsel in distress. Now, let’s suppose this lady had a tiny innocent baby, and that this baby was the actual target of the killers. You would just call the cops and give the baby to someone who can actually take good care of him, right? But this is Hollywood! Everything can happen here. So, Smith decides that it’s time to become an irresponsible dad and takes care of the baby while trying to discover the truth. But being a single dad isn’t that easy, isn’t it? That’s why he seeks help from DQ, a stunning italian prostitute played by Monica Bellucci.
    Bonus feature: one of the hottest yet useless sex scenes in the history of cinema.
    Also, ten points if you like hard rock, heavy metal and grunge music: the official soundtrack from the motion picture includes artists like Motörhead,  Mötley Crüe, Nirvana and AC/DC.
  4. TAKEN
    Being the first film included in the Taken Trilogy, the movie was an instant success: it costed “only” 25 millions and sold like there was no tomorrow in cinemas. Also, it was the most collecting french movie in America!
    The main character is Bryan Mills, portrayed by Liam Neeson. You can find an endless number of parodies of this man online, since he became iconic pretty fast.
    Bryan is an ex CIA agent and served in the Special Forces; his skills include also a lot of martial arts. Now retired, he lives a normal life working sometimes as a bodyguard to gain some extra money and keep himself busy.
    He’s also divorced and sadly he rarely sees his 17 years old daughter Kim, that lives with her mother and a rich, obnoxious step father (which interferes a lot between the communications between her and Bryan). Anyway, this doesn’t affect their bond, keeping father and daughter very close nonetheless. Kim decides to go on holiday in Paris with her friend Amanda, and they’re immediately baited by Peter, member of the albanese mafia, which will kidnap and narcotise them to sell them as prostitutes. Bryan has only a phone call as clue and 96 hours to reach France and find the girls.
    Gerard Butler is Clyde Shelton, an engineer working for the American Government, that decided to give up his career to stay closer to his family. Clyde’s life changes forever when two criminals break in his house, beat him nearly to death with a baseball bat, rape his wife and kill both her and their daughter in front of his eyes. The criminals are successfully arrested, but only one of them receives the right punishment, leaving the murderer and rapist free to go after the plea bargain. Clyde decides that his only purpose from now on is to avenge his wife and daughter, and his revenge will take 10 years to accomplish.
    It will also include ingenious traps, kidnapping, torture, jailbreak and much more. Definetely worth if you have a strong stomach!

Did you choose any of these movies? Let me know your opinion in the comments or on my Instagram!

Hope you found something good to watch tonight.


Siberia ♡

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